Hello there! Welcome to Mollycoddles online booking! Please be as accurate and honest with the description of your pet. It will allow us to give you and your pet the time and care that will be needed for a fabulous grooming experience! We do take special appointment time but you will need to call or text us directly to set that up. Keep in mind that we do require your pets to be up to date rabies Any questions? Please reach out! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!


Full Service Groom

Full Groom - large

Bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning WITH haircut

Full Groom - medium

Bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning WITH haircut

Full Groom - small

Bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning WITH haircut

Nail Trim And File Only


Nail Trim only


Full Service Bath



Grooming Add-ons



Matting can add quite a lot of time to the grooming depending on how badly tangled your pets coat is. Prices can go from an extra $5 for a slightly matted pet to $50 for a severely matted pet.

Medicated Bath

Using our Neem shampoo, this multi purpose shampoo is anti-fungal and antibacterial. It aids in relief of skin irritations including hot spots, yeast, eczema, dry/scaly skin, and itching due to fleas and ticks. Flowed by an anti-itch, medicated spray.

Spa Package


INCLUDES: Luxury shampoo Conditioner Dremeled nails Anal Glands checked Teeth Brushed

Teeth Brushing


Dog breath relief! Also loosens plaque and removes bacteria.



To remove all the dead coat that you keep finding around your house! We use re-moisturizing shampoo and follow with a good soak and massage of conditioner to really loosen up the coat. After we rinse we will use the blow drier to blow our the loose coat and use a combination of brush, comb and furminator to get the remaining loose coat out. * This will not completely eliminate all shedding, it only takes out the hair that is ready to go. * Price shown is minimum, larger and longer coated dogs will be a higher price.

Express Groom


Nervous dog? Nervous owner? Health issues? We will groom your dog with no interruptions as quickly as possible. *MUST BE MADE AT A 9AM TIME SLOT!* **This must be added to service at time of booking.

Nails Dremeled


To smooth out the edges and get the nails a bit shorter than regular nail clipping.

Stay And Play


Need to get to work? Just need some extra time to do your errands? All pets are given an hour after grooming to be picked up. If you need more time no worries! Add this on to your groom and your pet will receive out-of-kennel play time, a walk, and a snack. Extra loving beyond that is free of charge!

Anal Gland Expressed


Is your dog scooting on the rug? Extra smelly from that end? They may have some blockage in their anal glands!



So your pet thought they were big and tough confronting a skunk?! You're not alone, we have seen this countless times! Although this service will not completely eliminate that stench, it will greatly improve it! We use shampoo with enzymes to eat away and the skunk smell.

Flea and Tick


Found some creepy crawlies on your pet? A nice soothing Neem shampoo with help kill the fleas and ticks. * This is a base price. Price depends on pet size and how badly infested your pet is. **This is not a preventative and has no residual effect. It will only kill what is on your dog at the time of bath

Business hours


09:00 AM - 04:00 PM


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