We have moved to 14st X Northmount Drive in July 2022. I groom Small to Medium doggies under 45lb (20 kg). No Kitty cats. I am too old to hold wiggly large dogs. Please put precise weight of your dogs in your intake form. Small is under 20lb, Medium is 21-45lb. Your dog's weight should be on your vet receipt / record. I only take large dog who had done my puppy socialization grooming package from 4 months old. I have been a professional dog groomer for 20 years. I own a reactive dog and a super nervous dog. To help them, I have taken numerous classes and seminars in canine behaviours and dog sports such as conformation showing, scent detection, agility, and obedience to gain extensive knowledge. Fearful Dog Grooming is only available at 8am. Maintenance Discount 10% Off for dogs get groomed every 6 weeks or less. Please call 403-453-0333 and leave voicemails for all inquiries instead of sending messages by SNS. All updates are on my Facebook and Instagram. 🐶VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE🐶 Early drop off more than 10 minutes and staying in the salon more than 1 hour after grooming is done must be arranged prior to the appointment day.


Grooming service

Small Bath and Tidy

Starting at $68

Bath Blow-dry Minimum Brush or Deshedding if needed. Trim feet bum, eyes and ears only. Nail Trim included. Longer coat extra charge may apply.

Small Kennel Cut Full Service

Starting at $73

Bath Blow-dry, Short Clipper Cut (Shave) under 3/8" left on dog, Customized trim on head face ears tail. Nail Trim. Dremel nails add $5

Small Short Teddy Bear Cut Full Service

Starting at $85

Bath Blow-dry. Brush and Comb out, Scissor Cut over 1/2" under 1" left on your dog.. Sanitary trim, Nail trim.

Small Dog Long Teddybear Cut Full Service

Starting at $90

Bath, Blow dry Brush out without dematting, Scissor Cut over 1". Sanitary trim and nail trim. Very fancy cut. Extra charge may apply for dense and or curl coat.

Small Breed Trim

Starting at $90

Bath Blow-dry Brush out, Haircut for specific breed profile and Nail trim. Not including De-matting or Hand stripping.

Fearful Doggie Under 20 lb

Starting at $95

1 on 1 Full Grooming on a Small Size Special Dog. Minimum Dog and Human Encounter. No Cage If required. Consultation Required. AVAILABLE AT 8AM ONLY.

Medium Bath and Tidy

Shampoo Conditioner Blowdry, Minimal Brushing and or Deshedding, Trim on Feet, Bum, Tail, Ears, Eyes and Nails included. Not including all over haircut, de-matting or extra deshedding.

Medium Kennel Cut Full Sevice

Starting at $90

Bath, Blowdry, Short Clipper Cut under 3/8"on dog (Shave). Sanitary Trim, Nail Trim

Medium Teddy Bear Cut Full Service

Starting at $120

Bath, Blow-dry, Brush out, Scissor Cut whole face and body over 1/2" to 1" left on dog. Sanitary Trim. Nail Trim Included. Dematting is not included. Extra charge may apply on Curly or Long coat

Medium Breed Cut Full Service

Starting at $135

Bath, Blow-Dry, Breed Specific Haircut by Clipper or Scissors, Nail Trim Not able to accommodate terriers need hand stripping.

Fearful Dog Under 45 lb

Starting at $120

1 on 1 Full Grooming on Medium Size Special Dog. No other dogs in my room. No kennel If needed. ASAP. Consultation Required. 8am ONLY.

Large Bath and Tidy Full Service

Starting at $100

Batn, Blow Dry, Brush-out, Minimum Trim on eyes ears feet bum, and Nail trim Well behaved Dog unto 60 lb. Not including all over haircut or extra brushing or deshedding.

Large Kennel Cut Full Service

Bath Blowdry, Clipped shorter than 3/8" left on dog, Nail Trim

Large Teddy Bear Cut Full Service

Bath, Blow-Dry Long Hair Cut over 1/2" to 1' left on dog, Nail trim.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed Trim

Starting at $130

Bath, Blowdry, Trim with Clipper and Scissors, Dremel Nails. Hand Stripping as Add-On Service is available only for $75 / Hour Maintenance clients only.

Bath only

Add on Services





Bit of fragrances for lasting salon smell.

Bandana or Ribbon

Finishing touch for your doggy’s spiffy look.


Price Varies depending on coat condition. Protein, Keratin, Omega 3-6-9 packed Shampoo and Conditioner AND variety of tools to get rid of extra undercoat without damaging their coat.

Anal Gland Expel

Squish Anal Glands to reduce building up

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning ear wax

Ear Plucking

Plucking hair from ear canals

Extra Brushing

Long hair dog and combing out knots. Not dematting more than few knot.

Extra TLC

For doggies needed extra attention due to health or behaviour issues.


Starting at $0

Moisturing Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner for Itchy Skin doggies

Shampoo Brightening

State of art Brightening Shampoo for lighter haired doggies to shine for days after spa.

Shampoo Hypoallergenic

Hypo Shampoo and Conditioner for Sensitive Skin Dogs.

Deep Cleaning Scrub

Gentle Scrub Care for doggies with oily skin and hair. Light Lavender Scent

Moisture Pack

Moisture Pack treatment to add major hydration to skin and hair. Light Scent

Hand Stripping/ Carding

Proper Hand stripping for wire coated terriers and sporting breeds. Only for maintenance clients who comes in every 8 weeks or less. $75/hour

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