Appointments are REQUESTS ONLY, once we make sure they work with the existing schedule we will confirm or ask to move to a different time and/or day! Tails of the Burgh Grooming is family owned and operated. Our staff are professionally-trained groomers, and they have the biggest heart for all animals. You can trust your dog or cat will be treated with tender love and care during all appointments.*****PROOF OF CURRENT RABIES VACCINATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL SERVICES AND ALL PETS.***** We look forward to seeing you soon!


Bath and Full Haircut

Lagatto Romagnolo HC

Poodle (medium) HC

Havanese HC

Pomsky HC

Doodle (Standard) HC

English Shepherd HC

Old English Sheepdog HC

Welsh Terrier HC

Yorkshire Terrier HC

Yorkipoo HC

Wheaten Terrier HC

West Highland Terrier HC

English Springer Spaniel HC

Shih Tzu HC

Shetland Sheepdog HC

SheepaDoodle HC

Irish Setter HC

English Setter HC

Scottish Terrier HC

Schnauzer (Giant) HC

Schnauzer (Miniature) HC

Samoyd HC

Saint BerneDoodle HC

Poodle (Standard) HC

Poodle (Miniature) HC

Pomeranian HC

Pekingese HC

Newfoundland HC

Papillon HC

NewfieDoodle HC

Maltipoo HC

Maltese HC

Lhasa Apso HC

Doodle (Medium) HC

Jack Russell (Rough Coat)

Havenese HC

Great Pyreness HC

Doodle (miniature) HC

Doodle (standard) HC

Golden Retriever HC

Flat Coat Retriever HC

Dachshund ( long haired) HC

Coton de Tulear HC

Corgi HC

Collie (rough coated) HC

Cocker Spaniel HC

Cockapoo HC

Chow Chow HC

Chihuahua (Long haired) HC

Cavapoo HC

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel HC

Cavachon HC

Cairn Terrier HC

Brussells Griffon HC

Brittany Spaniel HC

Bouvier HC

Border Terrier HC

Border Collie HC

Bichon Frise HC

Bernese Mountain Dog HC

Bernadoodle HC

Bearded Collie HC

Australian Shepherd HC

Aussiedoodle HC

Airedale HC

Afghan Hound HC

Affenpinscher HC

Touch Up (Bath, Face, Feet & Sanitary trimmed-FFS)

Bath only

Walk In Services



Teeth Brushing/ Nail Filing

Teeth Brushing

Xtra Large Deshed

Large Deshed

Medium Deshed

Small Deshed

X-Small Deshed

Medical Shampoo

Anal Glands

Nail Filing

Business hours




08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


08:00 AM - 05:00 PM


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08:00 AM - 03:00 PM


08:00 AM - 03:00 PM



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