Tail Waggers is a family-owned and operated facility that was opened to create a comfortable and professional grooming experience for your pet. We strive every day to provide the highest quality service for you and your pet. From check-in to check out, our staff are very caring and puts your pet's welfare first. This attitude, along with our background, skill and expert grooming will enable us to earn and deserve the trust you place in our ability to care for your pet. No matter what size, shape, mixed breed or purebred, we believe your pet deserves the very best. Find our Google Reviews here: https://g.page/tailwaggersgroominglichfield?gm


Grooming Service

Full Groom

Starting at £35

Price Varies on breed, size and coat type.

Bath Only

Starting at £27.5

Price varies depending on breed, size and coat type.

Meet & Treat

For puppies and adult dogs we offer a Meet & Treat (Pre-Groom Assessment) for owners that would like to come and visit us with their dog(s) before an actual grooming appointment. We can use this time to know your dog and understand what you expect from us. It is at this point when we can let you know how much the cost of grooming your dog will be. This is a FREE service.

Puppy Groom

Starting at £27.5

For puppies up to 6 months old. Your puppy will receive a bath using skin and coat appropriate shampoo & gentle blow dry. This is followed by face, feet, bum and tum trim. We have a gentle & 'On their terms' approach to this so hopefully, they will enjoy the first of many visits to the grooming salon. PLEASE NOTE YOUR PUPPY MUST BE WELL GROOMED WITH NO MATTING. IF YOU THINK YOUR PUP IS MATTED PLEASE BOOK A FULL GROOM.

Nail trim




Madra Mór Shed Safely Mud (Price Varies)

Madra Mór Shed Safely Mud is the perfect solution to excessive shedding and dry skin.Healthy skin equals a beautiful coat!If your dog has dry skin, this is the treatment! Like all Madra Mór dog skin products, Shed Safely Mud is made with fine, nutrient rich, hypoallergenic clay and a line-up of powerful, nourishing ingredients, to form a creamy, mousse like texture: Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Dried Powder, Borage Oil (Omega Fatty Essential Acid), and Rice Bran Oil (Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin E), Zinc and Allantion. Mother Nature’s best ingredients that cleanse, exfoliate,and feed the skin to promote healthy cell regeneration. £10 Small Dogs (Frenchies etc), £12.50 Meduim Dogs (Cockers etc), £15 Large Dogs (Labradors etc).

Madra Mór Mobility Mud (Price Varies)

Madra Mór Mobility Mud Is A Refreshing Blast of Energy, Promoting Circulation and Easing Minor Aches & Pains. Mobility Mud is infused with peppermint and menthol for penetrating pain relief. Your dog will love the cooling sensation when you massage Mobility Mud into his skin. Menthol is a local anesthetic that simulates nerve receptors in the skin to relieve pain and instantly stop itching. After feeling cooled down from the mud bath, the body restores homeostasis naturally by circulating and generating it’s own heat. This treatment gets the blood flowing and flushes the toxins. £10 Small Dogs (Frenchies etc), £12.50 Meduim Dogs (Cockers etc), £15 Large Dogs (Labradors etc).

Madra Mór Soothing Mud (Price Varies)

Madra Mór Soothing Mud calms & comforts allergic, inflamed, irritated, hot-spots & sensitive dogs. Soothing Mud uses mineral rich clay with high concentrations of colloidal oatmeal and nourishing, healing ingredients such as organic aloe vera powder, green-tea, lavender, Witch Hazel. These time tested skin care ingredients promote healthy cell regeneration, ease irritation related to itchy and scratchy skin, and rejuvenate the essential lipid barrier. £10 Small Dogs (Frenchies etc), £12.50 Meduim Dogs (Cockers etc), £15 Large Dogs (Labradors etc).

Ultrasound Teeth Cleaning Session


Ultrasound cleaning is a new dog tooth cleaning technology, a state-of-the-art oral hygiene technology that performs better than manual and electric toothbrushes. With this service, you can achieve the most effective dental hygiene for your dog; cleaning without movement, vibration or noise makes it acceptable for all dogs. No anaesthetic required Ultrasound removes tartar and stains, freshens the breath and kills bacteria with no harmful side effects. Dogs will require 1 – 5 sessions. Two sessions are usual for dogs with moderate tartar and staining. The first session is £40 per session and lasts 30 minutes. Subsequent maintenance session are 15 minutes and are charge at £25 each session.

Ultrasound Teeth Maintenance Session


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