We strive to offer a calm and relaxing environment for your dog, after all it’s their SPAW day! They will listen to music selected with a dog’s ear in mind and enjoy the calming aromatherapy of essential oils being diffused as well as lavender shampoo. All with the undivided attention of our talented groomers who strive to take one dog at a time for that individualized attention your dog derserves!


Doodle Grooming Service

Doodle Up to 20 Pounds

This is the same service as our regular groom but customized for the unique needs of a doodle coat.

Doodle 21 - 50 Pounds

This is the same service as our regular groom but customized for the unique needs of a doodle coat.

Bath only

Bath and Tidy

Outline Trim

Grooming service

Puppy Package



Seasonal Spaw Package

Hot Oil Treatment

Dry skin and coats be gone! The hot oil gives the coat and extra boost of moisture and rejuvenates the skin and pores. This results in dryness and flakiness being reduced with less shedding and matting. Works great as a stand alone service or with a sugar scrub for an all natural exfoliation!

Paw Fizz Treatment

Helps stop paw licking! This treatment works to eliminate paw irritation with natural tea tree oil to fight fungus, bacteria and allergens. It keeps paw pads clean and fresh from dirt and germs that are accumulated during walks and everyday life. Paw conditioning with seaweed extract to soothe, moisturize and hydrate.


Introducing the Mud Puppy Spaw PAWDICURE! Start with a warm water paw soak with a deep cleaning paw fizz, next a paw massage with an antioxidant rich grape seed oil blend to revitalize dry pads and nails, next a paw defense wax to soothe, moisturize and protect pads, finish off with an optional polish.

Shed Reduction

We offer a three pronged approach to combat shedding to address the three biggest factors in an excessively shedding coat: 1. A specialized conditioning treatment is used that is formulated to loosen dead undercoat and hydrate the skin with omega fatty acids. If your dog is shedding due to seasonal changes or from dry skin, this step addresses those issues. 2. Extra brushing using specialized tools designed to gently pull dead coat while protecting the top coat. If your dog is shedding seasonally or is not brushed often at home, this step addresses those issues. 3. A leave in protein enriched conditioner is applied to strengthen the hair shaft. If you dog is shedding due to hair breakage, this step addresses that issue.

Sugar Scrub

A power exfoliator, our sugar scrub with help with dry flaky skin and wash away dandruff while leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Works great as a stand alone service or with a hot oil treatment for an extra dose of moisture and luxury.


An enzymatic toothpaste is used to clean and freshen your dog's mouth.

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