We are a luxury dog grooming salon. We honestly care about your dogs, their hair styles, and giving you the tools you need to be a better pet parent. We are currently no longer accepting new clients. Sorry. WE ARE BOOKING 5 WEEKS OUT CURRENTLY (SUMMER/FALL 2022). We groom one dog at a time straight through. We groom at your dogs pace, and we specialize in elderly dogs. We are compassionate, professional, and trustworthy groomers, who genuinely care about your dog. Are you a client? If you have been with us since Jan of 2021 you are a current client. If you haven't or you left YOU are considered a new client. Call for nail trim appointments. 1. If you are moved to the wait list, either that time was booked with another online appointment or we booked someone via phone. 2. We don't have enough time to do your dog. 3. We may have a better time slot for you, and will notify you via phone or text. If you are booking a bath appointment please scroll to the bath section. Saturday appointments we are only open one Saturday a month, to people who signed up a year in advance. Please check your spam email for confirmation emails. They will come from MoeGo.


Grooming service

Nail & Paw trim

Full Service Extra Large

Full service - large

Full Service Med/Large

Full service - medium

Full Service Small/Medium

Full service - small

bath, hair cut, nails, ears

Bath only




Anal Glands


Ear Plucking


Removing Hair from your dogs ear canal. Only done on a Vet recommendation.

Hydra Care Deep Conditioning Package


Hydra’s Senses Care Collection made to restore shine, softness, and hydration to your pet’s coat, leaving a wonderful fragrance. If you like Hydra Serenity or Hydra Bliss collections, wait till you smell Hydra Senses Care! This lovely fragrance comes with notes of whipped cream, orange blossom, sandalwood and vanilla.

Hydra Serenity Deep Conditioning Package


Hydra’s Senses Serenity collection made to restore shine, softness, and hydration to your pet’s coat, leaving a wonderful fragrance of Apricot.

Hydra Summer Coconut Bliss Package


Hydra’s Senses Bliss collection, made to refresh and restore shine, softness, and hydration to any pet’s coat From Hydra’s new Senses Bliss Collection, made to stimulate the senses and provide nourishment and recovery to any coat type

Madra Mor Spa Treatment

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