Dog Collective Co.'s private grooming studio and groomer academy is based in Southport on the Gold Coast and is lovingly owned and operated by Tammy and her assistant Pomeranian Frankie. We cater for all breeds of dogs under 15kgs and operate strictly by appointment only. Aside from offering professional grooming by Tammy, we also offer half price dog grooming services when done by our fully supervised grooming students. We look forward to welcoming you with open paws. Tammy & Frankie.


Professional Grooming by Tammy

Beach Buddy Full Groom - Dogs under 15kgs only

$ 75

This service is perfect as an everyday groom. Great for active dogs or if you like your fur baby low maintenance. Choose your desired coat length: - 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 13mm - Face, tail and ears styled as you like. Plus... Your dog will receive everything in the "Lather Me Up Baby" Bath 'n' Blow Dry.

Face, Paws, Belly And Booty Tidy Up - Dogs under 15kgs only

$ 60

This service is ideal for in between grooms or during cooler weather. The length of your dogs coat will remain the same. This service consists of the following: - Tidy-up the face, eyes and ears - Trim the feet and under the paw pads - Hygiene clip around the booty & bits - Tidy-up trim of the belly Plus ... your dog will receive everything in the "Lather Me Up Baby" Bath & Blow Dry. N.B. If your dog also requires trimming of their skirt, trousers etc, shaved poodle feet or shaved nose, or your dogs coat is longer than approximately 3cm an extra charges will apply.

Fancy Schmancy Full Groom - Dogs under 15kgs only

$ 90

This style cut will bring out the fashionista in your fur baby. These grooms require a high skill set, scissoring etc & take longer than the Beach Buddy Full Groom resulting in a slightly higher price. (Written price is an estimate only and may be more or less dependant on time required to complete the service) Your dog will receive the following: Choose your desired style: - Breed specific groom - Teddy Bear groom - Your own stylish design Plus ... Your dog will receive everything in the "Lather Me Up Baby" Bath & Blow Dry. - Warm bath & blow dry - Coat brushed out & fluffed up - Nails clipped and filed (if required) - Ears cleaned - Deodorise - Cuddles & a treat

Lather Me Up Baby Bath ‘N’ Blow Dry - Dogs under 15kgs only

$ 40

All products are naturally based, soap free, bio-degradable, free of phosphates and parabens, animal cruelty-free, environmentally responsible & Australian made and owned. Your dog will receive the following: -Warm bath -Blow dry -Coat brushed out & fluffed up -Nails clipped (if required) -Nails filed to remove sharpness (if required) -Paw and nose balm applied -Ears cleaned -Deodorise -Cuddles (Additional charge for coats over 4cm - $10)

Just A Quickie Bath & Towel Dry - Dogs under 15kgs only

$ 25

This service is great for smooth coated dogs & dogs who don't like a lot of fuss. Perfect to remove stubborn sand if you make regular beach visits. This service can also be done while you wait so you and your fur baby can be in and out in no time. This service consists of the following: - Warm bath - Nails clipped if required - Ears cleaned - Deodorised - Quick Cuddles


$ 15

Nail clipping is included in every service, however, if your dog is just after a nail clip we can do that too. - Nails Clipped - Nails file to rid of sharpness - Paw balm applied to assist with softness

Half Price Services by Student Groomer




$ 25

Great for malting dogs or dogs with a thick or double coat. We will gently remove excess hair to assist with shedding and thickness.

Teeth Brushing

$ 10

You will also get to keep your fur babies the toothbrush.

Flea Rinse

$ 10

For the health and well being of your dog and other dogs in the grooming studio, If your dog is found to have fleas we will automatically apply the flea rinse and charge accordingly.

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