THE SPA AT CHOW BELLA We love dogs and our full service salon is all ready to pamper your four legged friends! All pets in our care are treated with positive reinforcement, gentle handing, and the utmost respect. We have many options to choose from - starting with a DIY bath, to a breed specific haircut! We recommend a consultation for your first groom to meet with the groomer and make a plan of what you would like done for your pooch! Pricing listed is based on well-maintained coats on a 6-8 week grooming schedule. The longer a dog goes between grooms, the more product and wear and tear on our tools - which in turn increases the price. The actual price of services are determined by breed, size, and coat condition. Please contact us for an accurate quote. De-mat charges may apply if necessary. Prices are subject to change and do not include sales tax. Our service is by appointment, we do not crate dogs all day and expect them to be picked up within 15 minutes of completion. This provides a much better experience for your dog and you!


Full Service Bath - Short Hair

Bath - Short Hair - XSmall

Starting at $30

XSmall dogs are up to 10 lbs * Short hair is 2" long and under.

Bath - Short Hair - Small

Starting at $35

Small Dog (11 to 30 lbs) * Short hair is 2" long and under.

Bath - Short Hair - Medium

Starting at $45

Medium Dog (31-50 lbs) * Short hair is 2" long and under.

Bath - Short Hair - Large

Starting at $50

Large Dog (51-80 lbs) * Short hair is 2" long and under.

Bath - Short Hair -Giant Dog

Starting at $55

XLarge Dog (over 80 lbs) * Short hair is 2" long and under.

Full Service Bath - Long Hair

Full Grooming Experience

Puppy Grooms

DIY Bath


Grooming Add On

Doodle Groom

Starting at $10

As Doodles have a different coat that is often more difficult to cut and their coat matts more easily and requires more products and brushing, we add a little extra for the time involved.

Hand Stripping


Add on cost for hand stripping coat

Add On Items (with bath or groom)

Ala Carte Items

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