Welcome to Beach Dogs Paw Spa, Dog grooming serving the Fort Erie, Crystal Beach, and Ridgeway area. We are dedicated to making your pet's grooming experience as comfortable as possible, while making them look and feel like their best selves. All pet's are groomed straight through, unless they require a break for their own benefit, with lots of praise and encouragement along the way. Each bath, tidy up, or full groom includes your choice of various top of the line shampoo and conditioner combinations, such as scent free hypo allergenic, charcoal, extra shine for drop coats, various wonderful scents, deshedding, colloidal silver, whitening, or oatmeal, as well as matching conditioners. We love to use the best products on your pet, just like we would with our own! Each groom also includes a blueberry facial scrub. Ear cleaning, Nail trimming and dremmeling, cologne if you and your pet enjoy extra scents, leave in conditioner sprays, and finishing sprays. At your request we can also provide bandanas, or bows, dependent on what is available at the time! We also love to show your beautiful pets off, which you can check out on our facebook page!


Extra Small Dogs under 20lbs

Full Groom, Extra Small Dog, Every 4-8 weeks

Starting at $60

$60.00 Bath, Fluff Dry, Nail Trim and Filing, Full Haircut to suit your pet's needs and style.

Bath and Tidy Extra Small Dog

Starting at $50

$50.00 Includes bath, Nail Trim, Fluff Dry, and Trimming of sanitary area, back end, paw pads, and face

Bath and Nails Extra Small Dog Fluffy, Long, or Double Coat

Starting at $40

$40.00 Includes bath, fluff dry, nail trim, and moderate brushing and deshedding.

Bath and Nails Extra Small Dog Smooth Coat

Starting at $35

$35.00 Includes bath, fluff dry, nail trim and filing.

Full Groom Extra Small Dog every 9-12 weeks

Starting at $70

$70 + depending on length of appointment, and condition of coat. Includes bath, fluff dry, nail trimming and filing, and full haircut.

Small Dogs 21-30lbs

Medium Dogs 31-45lbs

Large Dogs 46-60lbs

Extra Large Dogs 61-80lbs

PUPPIES!!! Services for puppies under 5 months old

Nail Trims

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