Certified Professional Groomer with three years of experience. One to One Grooming using Fear Free Techniques to create the most Positive, Safe and Calm Grooming Experience for your Dog. We provide Professional Grooming Services in a Hygienic, Safe and Calm Salon Environment. We are Cage and Kennel Dryer Free. Located at Wolfie's Pet Resort, 7km South East of Cremona. Please note we are located on a gravel road. Pricing is based on a number of different factors including behavior, matting, size, length of time and coat condition. We use top quality products including K9 Competition and Melanie Newman. Due to chronic back pain, we sadly are no longer offering grooming for extra large long haired breeds (100lbs+) These breeds include but are not limited to; Bernese Mountain Dogs, St Bernards, Newfies, Doodle Mixes, Leonbergers. We can currently offer a limited number of appointments each week for dogs weighing over 100lbs that are *short haired*. Short haired Breeds including but not limited to Mastiffs and Great Danes. . **Current clients will not be affected by this decision.** Please contact us via email or text to book your extra large breed *short haired* dog in for grooming Cell: 5872162793 Email: allkindgrooming@gmail.com Thank you for understanding,


Getting Started

Cat appointment

Starting at $70

Meet & Greet


Bring your dog to the salon for a 15 minute Introductory Meet & Greet. This would be suitable for a nervously anxious dog so they can have a short positive visit before their actual appointment. This is NOT compulsory or required for new clients. *proof of vaccinations/lice or fleas treatments is NOT required for this service.

Puppy Bath & Tidy <6 months

Starting at $50

We recommend that your puppy starts their grooming journey as soon as they have their second set of vaccines. This service is suitable for puppies up to 6 months of age. For all our puppy's first grooms we do a one hour bath & tidy to introduce them to the grooming process slowly. We do this for two reasons. Your puppy is wiggly and curious about everything so very rarely they can be nicked or try lick/chew the clippers or scissors resulting in an injury . We've found that keeping the groom to just a bath and tidy eliminates this risk. The second reason is that all the different aspects of the groom from standing on the table, to the bath to the dryer and nail clippers can be scary and overwhelming. We take our time to desensitize your pup to each part of grooming slowly and at their pace. With LOTS of treats and praise!! This makes for a safe and easy first groom that you pup won't be exhausted or traumatized from. We understand that it can be frustrating not having the full groom on the first appointment but we really believe in our processes and in setting your dog up for a lifetime of successful and stress-free grooming. If your pup is matted we will shave your dog to ease discomfort but we do not recommend that you wait until your pup is matted before booking an appointment.

Nails, Paws & Face

Small Dogs

Medium Dogs

Large Dogs

Extra-Large Dogs


Add Ons

Extra time/matting

Ear plucking


Thorough ear plucking. Note* Ear plucking can lead to an increase in ear infections in some dogs.

De-skunk treatment


If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk, if you haven't washed their coat already, we are able to get the majority of the smell out. If the dog has been washed before seeing us, it is very difficult to remove the smell from the hair.

Teeth Brushing


We use pet safe reusable dog tooth brushes with sorbitol and xylitol free toothpaste

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