Thank you for supporting 4 Paws Only Grooming. Keeping your 4 legged pet clean and healthy. Improving pets’ hygiene and enhance their physical appearance.


Quick Services

Face Trim

Face shape-up (trim the visor, shave or thin the hair around the eyes and trim under the chin

Nail Clipping

Nail + Paw Pad Trim

Nails Cutting and paw pads trim

Nail Clipping + Nail Grinding

Cut and files down the dog's nails leaving a smother and rounded edge

Nail Clipping + Nail Grinding + Ear Cleaning Package

Cut and files down the dog's nails leaving a smother and rounded edge plus ears cleaning.

Anal Glands

Grooming Services for Puppies

Grooming Service for Small and Medium Breeds

Grooming Services for Doodle and Larger Breeds

Grooming Services - Bathes (All Size)




Teeth Brushing


Nail Grinding

Dremel/Grinder Nails - Smoothing the edges

Express Anal Glands

Empty (if needed) Anal Glands

Extra Care/ Handle Difficult Pet

Applicable usually for a senior dog with health concerns and needs to be monitored and handled with extra care and closely.

Nail, Ears and Paw Paws Trim

Nail, Ears and Paw Paws Trim

Severely Matted

Severely Matted required extra time and care shaving down.

Dematting Fee

One color Semi-Permanent Dye Ears and Tail

Two Color Dye Ears and Tail Only

Two Semi-Permanent Pet Hair Dye

No Show Fee

Pick up and Drop off

Pick up and drop off service with 20 miles range

Late Cancelation Fee

Nail Trim Only

Boarding After Groom

For owner that needs up to an hour after grooming is complete.

Nail Trim & Gridding

Late Fee Pick up/Drop off

After being informed the pet is ready or he or she will be ready by a certain time, you have a grace period of 20 minutes. After that, a fee of $10 will be applied.

Special Shampoo

Available Shampoo: Flea and Tick

Business hours




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10:30 AM - 02:30 PM

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